SDGs4U is a European Erasmus+ project which brought together 4 universities and 3 NGOs to respond to the challenges of this century. The SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) are a plan for a sustainable world: innovative, resilient, united.

To integrate the SDGs in higher education, we must take into account 2 issues:

-All countries are on the same starting line regarding the SDGs. We have to invent the world of tomorrow, there are no turnkey solutions. We cannot be content with yesterday’s solutions by playing SDG bingo and checking off the SDGs that interest us. The SDGs are Interdependent, Universal, Measurable. And they demand a new way of collaborating together for a viable, livable and enviable world.

– Higher education institutions are a rich, complex and multi-stakeholder environment. Each University is different and operates according to its own ecosystem.

SDGs4U offers tools to support universities towards the SDGs. Inspirations & exercises, online courses, Serious Game. Start your journey to the SDGs below.

SDGs4U helps to contextualize the SDGs in the university environment, a concept that is often difficult and unclear. It would have helped us a lot at the beginning of our process and perfectly underlines the potential obstacles but also the stages through which we went.
(A university teacher committed to the SDGs)


1. Integrate the SDGs into your professional career: take the course and request your “SDG Entrepreneur” open badge on Open badge passeport

2. Share the transitions initiated by your University with your students and staff :
get inspired by pratices and join the community


3. Involve widely in transitions thanks to the SDG Living Lab method : discover an innovative methodology for multiactors spaces